Welcome to Up2Tempo!

Pamper yourself!! Let us bring affordable and comfortable fashion to you through your own personal stylist. You can also host a trunk show in your own home town. Your friends will love you.

Our mission is to provide women with comfortable, stylish and affordable clothing with an emphasis on comfortable and affordable. Our customers are Moms of all ages. Whether you stay at home or work outside the home... Moms usually take a backseat to their children and put everyone else first. This is why we created up2tempo. Someone has to take care of all these Moms. We want to encourage, support, build up and pamper women everywhere. We want to show women that they can still look great and not feel guilty about spending money or time on themselves. We want to give women an option that allows them time to get together with friends and pamper themselves. We want to give women hope they can have what they once had. Through all the pregnancy brains, schedules, and day to day grind,  your up2tempo consultant wants you to feel comfortable and look great! We want to band together and make one area of your life look beautiful and effortless. This is why we have up2tempo consultants. Whether you are a top notch dresser or have just lost that fashion goddess in you, or you have never had a fashion sense, we are here to make your life easier. Instead of aimlessly shopping online, we have created an environment where women can escape, enjoy adult conversation, and have someone come to you to pamper you and be your personal stylist. You will be able to contact your personal stylist to help you with all your fashion needs.