About Us | Up2Tempo

Up2tempo was founded by Deanna Hotchkiss. 

Family has always been a priority to me, and I understand most women don’t have time to spend hours searching stores for the perfect accessories or clothing that are stylish, yet practical, comfortable, and affordable. I created UP2TEMPO to make the lives of my fellow sisters much easier by providing my customers with their own personal shoppers. Let us do the work for you and put complete unique outfits together so you can look and feel amazing!

Deanna graduated from the University of Cincinnati in the school of Design, Architectural, Art, and Planning known as D.A.A.P. with a degree in Fashion Design/Product Development. Deanna has spent many years in different areas of the Fashion Industry. She has been in Retail Sales, Fashion Merchandising, and Fashion Design. She has spent time as a Personal Shopper, at Neiman Marcus in West Palm Beach, to many clients including several celebrities. She has also been head wardrobe stylist for a movie and a fashion stylist for many photo shoots.

The name UP2TEMPO means living life with optimism and always being upbeat. When women look better they feel better about themselves and have a more positive outlook. The word Tempo means to keep a steady pace. We want to instill in our children and empower other women to follow their dreams and keep a steady pace in life despite the challenges that come our way.  Also while being such amazing women, it only helps to look fabulous.

We are here to be your own personal shoppers and provide the best customer service. If you need advice on fashion or think something just isn’t out there and needs to be in your wardrobe, contact us. We will do our best to help solve your fashion dilemmas because trust me we all have them.


With Love and Fashion,

Happy Shopping!!

Deanna Hotchkiss